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Carp Farm

All the fish sold from Lower Berryfield Fisheries are produced on our carp farm, with strict bio-security plans in place. No fish are brought onto the carp farm which helps eliminate our fish from coming into contact with diseases and parasites, this is further aided with our water supply to the hatcheries and re-circulation buildings being from a borehole, and the mud ponds spring fed.

The fry start their lives in our hatchery and depending on the time of year will leave the hatchery after ten or so days and see the summer out in a specially prepared fry pond, we often will spawn a batch of fish out of season (i.e. October) these fish are grown inside and then stocked outside in the spring. No fish ever leave the carp farm straight from a re-circ system as we strongly believe the fish need to endure the environmental factors thrown at them when out side in a pond. This will build their immunity and help their vital organs catch up with the rate of growth.

Although we have the facilities we never push fish too hard inside, the longevity of our strain is amazing and we will not compromise this by being careless with our fish, to us they are not just a commodity but we never fail to appreciate that to our customers they are a valuable investment.

To achieve the growth rates we need and quality of stock our fish are carefully stocked into their ponds at sensible densities to make sure they receive plenty of space and natural food this also stops the fish from getting stressed in the summer months. The ponds are all netted and fenced off to protect the fish from predation which also reduces stress levels.

On the carp farm we have special winter ponds in which the stocking densities are much greater; the fish seem to demand this in the colder water, these ponds are at least 1meter deep to stop the water temperatures from dropping too low. Once a pond is harvested it must be rested for a period to disinfect the pond. We do this by draining them and liming them, this process not only sterilises the ponds but will help with the fertility of the pond to ensure the next crop of fish receive the very same standard of living. All in all we have set the carp farm up to give our stock the very best environments while they are with us.

For more information please contact us directly by telephone on: 07837 747619, or email us and we'll get back to you.

2014 Harvest

Here are some of the fish from our recent harvest, these fish will be held back to grow on for another year.

Mirror Carp at Lower Berryfield Fisheries

Carp at Lower Berryfield Fisheries