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Ornamental carp from Lower Berryfield Fisheries

Ornamental fish

Golden Carp

These attractive fish are a genetic variant of carp, these fish are not hybrids or indeed Koi they are a very strong and robust fish and can show lots of various markings we love them and so do our ornamental customers.

English Koi Carp

We produce some very good quality Koi from Broodstock that were sourced from a clean site that we can trust, these fish are very strong in a re-circ system and garden pond alike, only the very best are grown on past 4”. In the future Ross will be working with his koi very closely to improve on them; the more we produce the more as we think English Koi are the future, in terms of disease risks in comparison to importation from out side the UK.

For more information please contact us directly by telephone on: 07837 747619, or email us and we'll get back to you.

Koi and pond fish

Our fully refurbished facilities will hold increasingly more ornamentals for customers to view and purchase.

Golden Carp from Lower Berryfield Fisheries

English Koi Carp from Lower Berryfield Fisheries