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Prices for our farmed carp

We are now advising customers to order fish months in advance to avoid disappointment. The demand is increasing for larger fish, c3s and above.

Contract growing is always welcome and we offer customers the chance to visit the farm and actually hand pick fish if they have specific needs. These fish can be grown on with realistic time periods and growth rates. This helps us to achieve all important customer satisfaction.

All our prices are subject to VAT.

Summer fish (c3 Carp)

These fish are the very best and biggest of the c2s that have been given another summer on the farm. These special fish will range from 4-6lb in weight.
Price= £10.50/lb.

Summer fish (c4 Carp)

These fish are either the real lumps or the most stunning fish available from us which is why they are selected back for another summer these are regularly graded and only the finest are sold.
They will range from 7-12lbs in weight. Price= £15.50/lb.

Summer fish (c5 Carp)

Not many of these fish are grown every year so contract growing is strongly advised for these fish. Customers can hand pick c3s and c4s and we will dedicate space for them on the farm.
They will range from 13-17lbs in weight. Price= £20.50/lb.

Summer fish (c6 Carp)

Once again we advise our customers to pre order these fish, but we do always have some around as brood stock. Our fish have grown to well over the 20lb mark in the few years we have been producing these fish, and we hope to grow fish to over 30lb in the next couple of summers.
18lb = £24.00/lb
19lb = £30.00/lb
20-24lb = £42.00/lb
25-29lb = £54.00/lb
30-35lb = £90.00/lb

For more information please contact us directly by telephone on: 07837 747619, or email us and we'll get back to you.

Carp prices at Lower Berryfield Fisheries

Section 30 Consents and Health Checks

All the fish supplied from us are health checked and section 30 consents; this consent is always supplied.
We don’t charge you to fill in the consents but if you wish to apply for them yourselves you are more than welcome.

Delivery Charges

Our delivery charges are as follows:
Up to 30 miles from Oxford - £60
30-100 miles from Oxford - £110
100-200 miles from Oxford - £200