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Re-stocking carp from Lower Berryfield Fisheries

Restocking Carp

Due to the demand for restocking carp or large quantities of carp in the UK at the moment, we as many other fish producers and suppliers are now taking orders for fish years in advance of their actual delivery date. This gives the customer a guarantee that they will receive the fish they want for their fishery in the future, rather than placing an order and receiving fish they don’t want.

We have carefully selected our brood stock and by using successful hypophysation techniques within our state of the art hatchery we are able to selectively breed the most stunning mirror and common carp available. The mirror carp are predominantly heavily scaled, only the very largest and prettiest fish our kept back for the specimen market. Our fish are hand graded before they leave the site to ensure the high standard of quality is always met.

To achieve the quality of fish that we do, the correct diet is a must it also helps the fish throughout the rest of their lives, by insuring they have the best possible start in life we intensively produce vast quantities of zoo plankton inside and outside the hatchery for our young carp. Once the fish are old enough we supplement their diet with Coppens feed. Which to our minds is the best feed available to the U.K. carp farmer.

This goes hand in hand with the contract growing, if we were to purchase high grade Koi from Japan as hobbyists we would hand pick every fish ourselves as its all down to personal preference. So we as producers want to give our customers the opportunity to do this as well. A 10% deposit will be put on orders to secure the fish.

For more information please contact us directly by telephone on: 07837 747619, or email us and we'll get back to you.

Our Brood Stock Fish

These fish are the descendants from the original fish that were stocked here in 1952.

Re-stocking mirror carp from Lower Berryfield Fisheries

Re-stocking carp from Lower Berryfield Fisheries